A great weekend at Unsheffield!


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We had a great time at Unsheffield! The participatory unconference hosted a very enthusiastic and talented crowd of geeks, creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists. The weekend stimulated passionate debate and discussion on a wide range of subjects and technologies.

The event kicked-off on Friday evening with a Stimulus session of 5 back-to-back 20/20 talks (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) around the Future Users of Cool Technology theme. This intense session included exciting presentations, by Saul Cozens, our Technical Director on Independent mobile workers, and Ubiquity by Chris Dymond, Director of Business Innovation.

Chris challenged what is meant by ‘ubiquity’? How does technology spread, develop and get adopted by a wider population? What lessons can be learned from technological revolutions of the past? What is ubiquitous computing and is there any theory to help us understand it? Can we predict what is likely to happen and what is likely to work?

Saul posed the question what is cool technology? New is not cool… useful is cool. Put user’s needs before the technology to find the cool application. ’’Don’t think cool. Don’t think technology. Think Users.”

Saturday and Sunday consisted of participant-generated sessions including, Subverting consumer technology, led by Saul, What can we do with 100Mb/s broadband? led by Chris,  and Reinventing the Music Business, led by Ed Goring, our Head of Sales and Marketing.

All who attended the event had a fantastic thought-provoking, stimulating experience and enjoyed meeting and sharing with other passionate individuals.

A big thanks to all those who attended and who helped organise the event!

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