Another successful Innovation day


Here at Technophobia we thought we’d finish the year off with a creative flourish and Friday 16th December saw us take part in the company’s third Innovation day.

Our commitment to innovation

All staff at Technophobia are extremely inventive and as such are put to best use when let off the leash and given a free-rein. So, in keeping with this thinking we host bi-annual Innovation days (an idea that we've shamelessly stolen from Atlassian and their FedEx days)

Collaboration and innovative thinking are at the heart of everything we do here and such creative empowerment very much epitomises our culture. To survive, let alone thrive as a digital agency, we believe we must effectively become an innovation company and Innovation days are one of the initiatives we undertake to help us keep learning together.

So what did we do?

Our mission is to create an environment in which good ideas, large and small, are encouraged, recognised and acted on and our Innovation days really allow staff the opportunity to put forward their ideas.

Several weeks before the day all staff members are given the opportunity to make suggestions for projects. These ideas can be focused around sales and business development, business related, so anything to improve our internal systems, staff-centred projects to enhance our culture here or just about anything people can think of. There is one ground rule, however, we want everyone to have fun. The ideas literally came flooding in with almost 70 suggested in total. This list was then filtered down into the 9 projects that were worked on.

Teams were chosen before the event. Innovation Days are as much about people and experiences as products or systems and hosting them provides us with an excellent opportunity to ‘mix it up’ a little bit in terms of teams; so staff from different departments and with divergent expertise together created 9 multi-skilled and totally brilliant project teams on the day.

The day itself

Final projects included working on our website as well as developing user experience tools amongst many others things.

The day started at 9am and each team was required to present their recommendations or products back to the whole company at the end of the day.

I was in the group working on an internal communications board. This will be up in the office’s communal area and will act as a staff information point, displaying various streams of useful information such as our internal blogs and events calendars amongst other knowledge feeds.

The vast majority of projects require more time spending on them so will be carried forward  into 2012.

Something to be proud of

One of the projects was to work with a charity called PNI ORG UK (post natal illness) and help design and build a new website for them.

It was fantastic to be able to devote some time to such a worthwhile cause and we hope this website will be both a point of reference and source of support for sufferers for many years to come.

The final design will hopefully be live by the end of January.

What our staff really thought

The staff survey results have already started to be collected up and the day itself received an overwhelmingly positive response. It was enjoyable and some extremely worthwhile outputs were produced, all in all proving what we’d always suspected, people thrive when they pursue their passions and a little experimentation really does go a long way.

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