Form & Function for The Co-operative Bank


In a competitive market it is important to ensure that potential customers do not encounter any obstacles. The Co-operative Bank understands this intimately and has always pursued a careful strategy of providing usable, accessible websites to its Customers. So, the objective for this project was the further reduction of the number of users dropping out from their application forms by providing an even smoother user experience. Working closely with the Bank’s usability consultants - cxpartners, Technophobia has collaborated to design and hand-engineer a new set of application forms for the Banks products. cxpartners worked on this project from conception to delivery and engaged real users to validate all the key design decisions made. The result is an application process that is more streamlined and effective than users have previously experienced in an application form!

The new forms incorporate outstanding AJAX-based Web2.0 features to provide dynamic annotation and feedback to speed up the application process and help Customers to complete the form. A save and retrieve feature allows users to return to part-completed applications. In an inspiring addition to the process, using our loan calculator, the Customer can now change the amount and duration of their loan at any point throughout the application process, using a fully-accessible interactive pop-up (in a Light Box), without having to start all over again. What makes these forms exciting and unique is the way in which these features are seamless integrated into the application process.

We all believe that the result is yet another pioneering development for The Co-operative Bank.

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