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It was great to be at Innovate ‘11 again earlier this month. Congratulations to the Technology Strategy Board for organising an excellent event. This is the fourth year we’ve been there and the quality of the event gets better year on year.

photo of the Technology Strategy Board Team

The Technology Strategy Board Team at Innovate '11

Innovate is a leading one-day conference and exhibition for businesses to meet others within the same industry, within Government, and in academia with the aim of making innovation happen and creating opportunity and growth for the future.

In 2009 we were appointed by the Technology Strategy Board to create a new web-based system to promote collaboration and innovation in UK business. It was great to see this system; the _connect platform, featuring so prominently at this years Innovate ‘11. 

Despite the financial challenges within the public sector, the Technology Strategy Board is continuing its valuable role and we are working in partnership with them to develop further functionality to extend the usability and effectiveness of the _connect platform.

One of the latest additions is the _connectMe functionality.   Based on a user’s profile, field, interests and specialism it suggests other contacts and groups that the user may wish to connect with amongst the 40,000 members on the _connect platform.

We were also able to use our time at Innovate’1 to gather some valuable user feedback that will be used to inform future developments.

Longevity and success of our relationship and the _connect platform is down to the dedication of the Technophobia team, who have become an integral part of the Technology Strategy Board and consistently give 100 percent.

Rob Walsh, Business Change Manager at the Technology Strategy Board acknowledged the teams success at the event and said “The almost constant stream of positive messages we received yesterday was both satisfying and informative as members of our communities not only understood why _connect was needed but also told us stories of how they use it already.

The other thing that really stood out for me was the seamless collaboration between the Technology Strategy Board, Technophobia and Playgen - we really have a great team here and I feel honoured to be part of it”.

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