Saturday was a nice day for a TP wedding


Cherie and Adam on their wedding day


Now that our dancing feet are healing, and our headaches have settled, we’d like to announce our first ever Technophobia marriage.

Last weekend saw us celebrate the nuptials of TP’s Senior Resourcing Officer, Cherie, and our Senior Systems Administrator, Adam. Now, as they head off on their honeymoon to York (followed by a trip to America later in the year), we eagerly await the return of Mr and Mrs Wilbraham.

Adam and Cherie are the original Technophobia love story, having met when he was sat under her desk mending something technical back in 2008. Since then we’ve seen their love blossom, culminating in a night at a Sheffield nightclub, organised by Technophobes Erica and Ria. There, they danced (and shared their first kiss!) to Electric Dreams by Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey, the song which the couple chose to play as they left the church as Husband and Wife.

Fast forward 4 years and they now have their own cottage, Adam has an adopted horse and TP has officially created a marriage, following their beautiful ceremony at Aston All Saints Church on Saturday, 7th July.

Cherie and Adam leaving the office on Thursday

Naturally, on Thursday, we waved them out of the office in true Technophobia style!

On behalf of all of the Technophobes, I’d like to wish Adam and Cherie - sorry, Mr and Mrs Wilbraham - every happiness as they continue to share their lives together.

Photo credit: Cherie and Adam on their wedding day - Simon Houghton

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