The Future of Web Apps


Attending events like FOWA and Innovate08 is important to us as they support our commitment to innovation and collaboration by enabling us to share our insight and knowledge with our fellow developers and hear first-hand the latest developments and experiences from other leading experts.

Whilst many of the subjects covered were not new to Technophobia hot topics at FOWA included the innovative implementation of social media to foster greater collaborative working and the adoption of open API for creating social applications and enable better interoperation between social networking systems. The connection between technology and psychology was discussed with relevance to the importance of creating ‘addictive systems’ that can be used to get users to adopt new processes or systems and the nature of email as a non-symmetrical communication tool with the view to creating better communication mechanisms. Other interesting discussions looked at taking an activity centered approach to designing social web applications; looking at the motivation behind high level tasks undertaken and their consequences.

Although not industry specific Innovate08 addressed methods of nurturing business innovation through risk management, marketing and methods to support and maximise each stage of development. The impact upon innovation by external forces such as environmental factors was also discussed as was the impact of innovation upon business and business sustainability.

Both events gave us the opportunity to share our experiences and gain fresh input into our own creativity and innovation processes.

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