The Videos from TEDxSheffield are now live!


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We had a great time at TEDxSheffield a few weeks ago, and judging from all the tweets and blog posts (here and here) many other people did too.
Everyone who couldn't make it on the day can now see what they missed! And everyone who *did* make it can remind themselves what happened  - it was quite a lot to take in on a single afternoon wasn't it? 
Thanks once again to all our wonderful speakers Alan Moore, Jeroen Geelhoed, Dr. Brendan Stone, Lee Strafford, Joe Cohen, Dr. Simona Francese, Adrian Hon, Tony Kennick and Tom Bloxham, and thanks too to Herb, all the guys at Creative Sheffield, TDC and the Showroom Cinema for making it such a great event.
Keep following @TEDxSheffield and the #TEDxSheffield hashtag for updates and news about TEDxSheffield 2012.

Here's to next year!

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