We’re a Sporty Bunch


Niki Davies and Richard Popple before their Marathon

There are a few aching, sunburned, limbs here at Technophobia Towers this week, as quite a few Technophobes faced the heat and ran marathons at the weekend.

We’d like to acknowledge the heroic effort of all those who ran, whilst the rest of us were sunbathing! So, in no particular order, congratulations to:

Niki Davies, our Accounts Exec, ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 5hr 47mins. Doing so, she raised an incredible £1,500 for Bowel Cancer UK, in memory of her friend. Despite a sunburned neck, Niki made it back into the office on Monday morning with a big smile on her face; “The last 100 metres were very emotional and when we finally crossed the finishing line the aching in my legs was replaced by the massive sense of achievement at completing my first marathon and raising £1500 for Bowel Cancer UK in memory of James.”

Niki is raising money for Bowel Cancer UK all year, and you can find out more by going to her fundraising page.

Richard Popple, TP Java Developer, also ran the Edinburgh Marathon, completing it in 5hr 47 mins. He’s pleased to announce that he completed two goals; “the first was to finish, the second was not to be overtaken by a pantomime horse!”

TP Account Director, Cam Spillman, ran the Sheffield Half Marathon in 2hr 6 mins, and whilst he didn’t raise funds himself, he has asked that anybody who wishes to sponsor him does so through his Mum’s page.

UX Designer, Chris Taylor, completed the Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday, and whilst he’s unsure of the time he completed it in, he says; “it was easy!” so we expect to see him doing the Iron Man Challenge soon.

Finally, Project Manager, Jon Rhodes, ran the Sheffield Half Marathon in a fantastic 1hr 57mins in the blistering heat. Jon’s thoughts on the day? “I actually thought I was going to melt.”

On behalf of all at Technophobia, a huge “Well done!” to everyone who took part in the  weekend’s marathons. You have our unwavering admiration!

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