The Technophobia method is driven by your needs. It’s pragmatic, customer-focused and designed to deliver the highest value for your business. We make sure we understand the challenge not just as you see it, but how your customers experience it.

Built to Fit

We don’t provide standard solutions - everything we deliver is designed to fit exactly with the unique facets of your business, your objectives and your users. From a discrete project to a business-wide application, we keep things practical and focused.

Seamless Integration

Our rigorous approach to system design and integration ensures that there is no weak point in your experience – interface and technology form an effective, coherent system.


Regardless of the digital channel your customers choose, we create appealing experiences which build customer loyalty and deliver outstanding customer service - it is this critical factor that drives higher adoption rates, delivers KPIs and achieves goals.

At the heart of our approach is an intensive, detailed, iterative process to make sure that all your business needs are met:


Project scoping starts with our very first conversation, examining why you want to do this and what your business goals are. We make sure we understand your customers, your infrastructure and the user journey. We establish precisely what the challenge is and its place in the wider business context.


It’s vital to make sure that the solution we build for you doesn’t just solve today’s problems – it needs to be proofed against the future. So we think about factors such as the threat of new competition, the way your market and your customers may evolve, the impact of ever-changing technology. Then we devise relevant and sustainable solutions that deliver against requirements but are flexible enough to adapt.


Every challenge is an opportunity to construct something new in the digital space, to build better systems for your business. We translate commercial requirements into real-world systems and processes that genuinely deliver against business plans and guarantee true ROI. We don’t just talk about it, we make it happen.


Once the project is delivered, we continue to focus on improving your ROI as market conditions change and your customers’ needs evolve. We will proactively suggest evolutionary progressive enhancements to keep you ahead of your competitors.