The Background

Yes Insurance specialise in providing competitive motor insurance for drivers of older vehicles and the second car in a household and also offer great car insurance deals for women and people looking for non-comprehensive insurance (e.g. third party fire and theft cover).

The Challenge

Yes Insurance approached Technophobia to create a user-friendly, accessible and attractive website that would generate effective online traffic and ensure that stands apart from its competitors. In a market that is heavily populated with big brands a key component of the brief was to create a site that stood out with a high-impact design and strong call to action.

The Response

Our team of creative designers and developers set about to design and build an exciting online user-focused experience that reflected the Yes Insurance brand and incorporated the requirements of the users and various stakeholders.

We used modern coding techniques (CSS) in order to integrate fun and creative animation into the site; something of a rarity within the often rather stayed arena of insurance.

Click-to-quote ratio increased, with some pages up to 60%!
The subtle animation changes in real-time to reflect the time of day, e.g. during daylight hours the site animation is of the sky during the day and during the evening the animation changes to feature a night sky. This ensures that users can still access the site without the latest software installed on their computer - the use of animation will not impede their experience with the site. The website was built to comply with the latest coding and accessibility guidelines, is W3C & DDA compliant and fully functional in all major browsers.

A hybrid content management system that features bespoke components and an off-the shelf core technology provides Yes Insurance with fiscal and operating efficiencies and flexibility that allows them to create new landing pages for different media campaigns. The implementation of integrated tracking technologies allows them to measure the success of the campaigns.

The Result

Within a matter of weeks from launch search activity improved - in some instances moving from 100th position in the search results to 4th. Click-to-quote ratio increased, with some pages up to 60%!