Technophobia, part of Capita plc, is a dynamic and inventive digital technology business. We have been pioneers on the web since 1995 and we remain leaders to this day, offering groundbreaking solutions with a tight practical focus.

As a group of people, we are a mix of the visionary and commercial. We love the web and its ongoing daily evolution and we maintain a high level perspective on the entire digital landscape, coupled with an in-depth engine-room understanding of digital technology in action. All that enthusiasm and knowhow goes straight back into our work. At the same time we have a company-wide instinct and understanding for hard commercial realities.

Although we speak and work as experts, we are deliberately approachable and open. We genuinely listen – it’s key to how we work – and when we respond we frame everything in the most simple and transparent ways. Everything we do is driven by our clients’ needs. And because we are technologically non-aligned and objective, our clients know they can trust our recommendations implicitly.

Within the business there are no silos, physically or mentally. Our teams are collaborative, so the exchange of ideas is faster and more fruitful. But we don’t just talk about what could be, we roll up our sleeves and put in the sheer effort to make it happen.

What we do is designed to work, and work powerfully. We are here to help our clients change and succeed.