We’ve built our business on delivering a pretty broad spectrum of applications for the web, and it’s because everything we build is focused around user-centricity that our clients get solutions that really deliver value where it matters to them.

Unlike other agencies that have some fairly distinct preferences on where they ‘dare’ tread we switch between bespoke development and off the shelf component integration with real ease; this is the benefit of having been around for 15 years. Our decisions are based on what will offer the greatest return to the client, not what’s easier to do.

We are always taking on unique and challenging projects that require new thinking in all sorts of areas - we love projects that allow us to flex our grey matter. Some of the areas that we really excel in are:

  • E-commerce & E-procurement systems that make user purchasing easy
  • Co-creation & collaboration platforms that help groups of people become more efficient
  • Knowledge transfer systems that make engagement and learning fun
  • Online application forms that make our clients a lot of money because they are easy to use
  • Performance review tools that take all the hard work out of crunching complex sets of data and displaying the results in really easy to understand ways - with pretty colours.
  • Recruitment systems that streamline the whole recruitment process into easy sets of workflows
  • Information systems that do just that... present information to users... but more importantly they present the information in ways that suit the user and ensure that the type of information wanted is mined and delivered cleanly and efficiently.
  • Social community platforms- ahh, the topic of the moment. We don’t just talk about community engagement we have already delivered numerous platforms that are up, running and harnessing all of the benefits of social engagement.

Every solution we build is designed using a combination of the most appropriate architecture and technologies to the suit the client’s and the system’s requirements.

If you want to see how and for whom we have done all of this stuff then please click on the links above.